Easy magic tricks can be learned in an instant if you wish to impress friends or relatives. There are a lot of easy magic tricks that you can learn and master that would only take some bit of practice and some showmanship. Here are some god examples of simple yet effective magic tricks that you can learn:

The Self-Tying Handkerchief

For this trick you would need just an ordinary cloth handkerchief that has one end tied into a simple knot. The object of the trick is to convince your audience that you have the ability to tie a knot in a handkerchief using just one hand. In order to make it possible, you try to take your handkerchief out of your pocket. Try to let them see only the end without the knot. With the knotted end hidden in your hand, try to pick up the hanging end with the other hand and then releasing it again.

You can do this two times to add some flair on your magic trick. But on the third try, let go of the knotted end by dropping it instead of the expected corner. Try to remember to conceal the switch by hiding it with your fast hand movements. This will add to the baffling effect of this simple and easy magic trick.

The Knot Tying Challenge

This is a pretty simple trick that can impress your friends. What you need is a single piece of rope about three to four feet long. You lay the rope in front of your audience of friends and then challenge them to tie a knot into the rope without letting go pf both ends while doing so. It can be sort of a puzzle that you let them try out for awhile.

When none of them can figure it out, which would mean most of the time, you then try to do it yourself. The secret to this trick is fairly simple- just cross your hands when taking hold of the rope. When you cross your hands, you are seemingly making out a knot with your hands. When you have done this, try to get hold of each end of the rope. Then try to uncross your hands. As you to this, the tie that you have made with your hands will transfer to the rope. Therefore you have successfully tied up a knot in the rope without letting go of the ends while doing it.

The Unbreakable Match

This magic trick may require some bit of preparation. You would need a handkerchief with a hem or sewn fold on the edges and two wooden matches or toothpicks. Before you show the trick to the audience, place a toothpick or a wooden match inside the hem of the handkerchief beforehand. Then let a volunteer to choose a toothpick or match from several others that you have brought with you.

Once a volunteer has chosen a toothpick or matchstick, lay out your handkerchief on the table and place the chosen matchstick in the center. Roll out the handkerchief with the matchstick covered in the middle. As you do this, try to get hold of the matchstick hidden in the hem by feeling it and then let the volunteer touch it. Have it confirmed from the volunteer that there is indeed a matchstick inside. You can then either break the matchstick in half or you let the volunteer do it.

Take the rolled up handkerchief back and then break the matchstick again. Your audience will think that the matchstick that was broken was the one that they saw rolled up a while ago.

Slowly unroll the handkerchief and show them the matchstick, still at the center and unbroken! Now that's an easy magic trick to learn and try with your friends.


The hand is faster than the eye and this is so true once you have mastered performing the vanishing magic trick with a coin. The key to this trick is the position of the coin and for this to work; you will need two of them.

The first you have to do is lay one coin in the palm of each hand. The coin on the left should be placed in the middle of the palm. The coin on the right should be near the thumb.

In one quick motion, you should flip both hands and then let it face down on the table. You must quickly move the coin on the right hand to the left without anyone noticing then twitch the right thumb a bit to deceive people into thinking that both coins are there.

You then ask the audience where the coins are. The deception you caused earlier will make many believe that the coins are on the right but when you open it, they are wrong because the two coins are both under your left hand which they will see when you open up your hand.

This trick can also be done with the opposite hand. You should just put one coin in the middle or your right palm and the other coin near your left thumb then repeat the instructions as mentioned before.

Again, the key to this trick is the position of the coins. When you rotate your hands from palm up to down, the coin in the center stays put while the other shifts the coin to the other hand. You have to do this very quickly so the audience does not suspect what happens. If you don’t follow the proper positioning of both hands, one coin will flick away and your trick will fail.

One way to practice this trick is to imagine your hand is a table tennis paddle. If the coin is in the center of your palm, this will make sure that the coin will stay in the same place when it lands. As for the other, something different happens.

This helps you move the coin from one hand to the other so when you lift the hand containing the coin, people will see two and not one.

The speed at which the coin travels from one hand to the other varies. The more time you have to practice, the better so even when people ask how you do it, you simply say “a magician never tells how he does his tricks.”

The vanishing magic trick using a coin is just one of many tricks you can do. There are also variations which you can learn and try out so those who watch you won’t feel bad always seeing the same thing. A lot of these can be found online while there are a few that are written down in books with pictures to guide you along the way.

When you are ready, try to do this with a friend first and see if you are successful. If it works, then perhaps it is time to try this out in the presence of strangers. In any magic trick, just remember that positioning is everything and this can only be achieved with patience and practice.